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History Links – Medieval and Renaissance

Medieval and Renaissance Wedding page

Castles on the Web If you have a castle related question this is the place.

British History Online Not just medieval but I had to put it somewhere. And they do have medieval information.  Search by city.

Medieval Siege – NOVA Program Life in a castle, Medieval Arms Race, Destroy the castle, NOVA builds a trebuchet.

A Compendium of Knowledge Everything you wanted to know about Elizabethan England.

Recipes and articles

The Medieval Era  Includes information on daily life, the politcal world, the scientific world, the spiritual world and the arts.

University of Toronto Centre of Medieval Studies

Life in the Middle Ages and Renaissance From

Internet Medieval Sourcebook This is a fabulous site with tons of information.

Medieval Demographics Made Easy This site is more for fantasy role playing but has some useful information for writers trying to create that perfect medieval town.

Medieval and Renaissance Music

Timeline of the Middle Ages Search by military key, art and literature, religion and learning or development of the knights.



History links – All things Scottish


The Bruce Homepage Includes Bannockburn sequence of events and a Bruce chronology.

House of Douglas Everything you wanted to know about the House of Douglas.

Surname origins Lots of information here about last names with a list of over 500 Clans and Septs of Scotland.

Medieval Scotland A collection of articles and resources for anyone interested in Scotland from 500-1603 A.D.





Daily life in Ancient Greece A decent collection of

The Amazing Ancient World – Looks like it has a lot of information on various ancient cultures including Rome, Greece and Egypt

Ancient Greek History on the WWW Information about ancient Greek history available on the WWW, listed chronologically by main periods and topics.



Names – Pick just the right one for your character


Baby Names by Category Not just for parents anymore. Search by most popular names, male, female, unisex, nationality

Behind the Name The etymology and history of first names



Intrigue and Suspense – for writers of murder and mayhem


CIA Homepage The Central Intelligence Agency site. Virtual tour, about the CIA, CIA FAQ, Careers, Pressroom. You could spend a lot of time here.

Crime Scene Evidence File Free previews, view evidence, join and help solve crimes.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Has some interesting information and a link to download a demo bloodstain pattern analysis software.

Evi-Paq Innovative Crime Scene Products Their product gallery lists everything your crime scene ivestigator will need. Includes prices.

Forensic Science Includes history, crime scene to court and forensic links.

Zeno’s Forensic Science Site This page has just about everything you want to know about forensics. Includes a message board.

Unsolved Crimes, Bookstore for Unsolved Crimes Rather have a book in hand? This site lists tons of books to help you solve the crime.

The World Wide Serial Killers Home Page

Serial Killers and Notorious Murders in the Crime Library

North American Insects and Spiders  An insect and spider reference.  You never know when a bug is going to solve the case.

Law Links For doing some law research for that legal thriller.



Weapons – Past and Present


Historical Weapons-Arms and armour from the past Includes a bookstore, articles, sword terminology, appraisals.

Imperial Weapons Swords, daggers, knives and martial arts equipment.

History of the Sword A brief history and basic sword parts.

Swords A list of the various swords with brief descriptions with a link to slightly longer history of the sword. Check out all the links on this page. Links to blade parts, knives, guns, and armor.

Sword Forum International Swords of different cultures and time periods. An acedmic forum to discuss swords and swordplay. Free to join.

Duels and Dueling on the Web Guide and web directory to pistol and sword dueling in history, literature and film.

Swords and Daggers Swords and daggers – An introduction.

Modern Firearms and Ammunition Site Online encyclopedia of firearms
and ammunition.

Guns What a gun is, how it works, different
categories, gun measurements.

Real Guns Firearms and handloading information.



Miscellaneous Links – Favourite Places


Milton Write Now A writing group in the Milton area.

Cedar Valley Pet Resort Where your pet can enjoy accomodations in the country while you enjoy yourself on vacation.



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