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There are tons of links here to help writers. Resources, information on writing softwares, publishers, genres, where to find other writers. You’ll find lots here to keep you busy.

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In the resources section you will find links to articles, markets, dictionaries, anything that can help you write your books. All links will open in a separate window. If you know of anything that should be here please email me.


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Writing tools

CharacterChart – Fill this out and know everything there is to know about your character

Writing Generator – Includes a character generator, quick story generator, theme generator, villain generator and much more

Behind the Name – Generates first and middle names. Pick the ethnicity of your character. Writing fantasy?
idicate whether your character is a fairy or a witch.

Random Name Generator – Generate male and female names. From the US census.

Tavern Name Generator – For those of you writing medieval. Need a tavern name for your hero and heroine to stop at? Try here.

Writer Buddy Toolbox – Has a name generator, block busters, plot generator




Writing Software


There are so many writing sofwares out there. I’ve only listed a few here. But if you go to Publishing Central (link provided below) you will find way more than I could ever find on my own.

NewNovelist – Has tesitmonials from published authors, looks pretty user friendly and offers a free writers advice newsletter

StoryMind – Purchase some of the most popular writing softwares including Dramatica Pro and Story View

Dramatica Pro – Probing questions help you find untapped potential in stories

Final Draft – Script formatting software, it automatically paginates and formats your script. But it can do so much more

Movie Magic Screenwriter – Write Brothers, Inc. developed Movie Magic Screenwriter, Dramatica, StoryView and other screenwrting software

Publishing Central – This place has it all – that’s why you’ll see it all over this website


Submission Tracking

Now that you’ve written it and sent it out you need to keep track of where all those stories, articles, novels, poems have gone and what you got paid for them.

Query Tracker – Track your query submissions.

Write Again – Manage your projects, markets/contacts, submissions and deadlines. I use this software and love it.

Luminary Writer’s Database – Free submission tracker.

Power Tracker – Automatic reminders, detailed reports, expense tracking


Writing Websites – Agent, Contests, Markets databases and much more. Writing tips, free newsletter, book reviews

The Write Resource – Articles, literary services, resources, education, reference

Screenwriter’s Utopia – Script news, forums, live chat, interviews, screenwriter profiles – Tools, tutorials, tips and advice

My Writer Buddy – Forums, downloads, newsletter, toolbox, columns. Free to register

Publishing Central – Awesome site. Has everything you could want to know about publishing. Has a section for Canadian information

Preditors & Editors – Listing of agents with recommendations. This is a great site to check out an agent you might be interested in. They give positive and negative recommendations.

Writer Beware Alerts for writers.


Publishing Houses





Harper Collins

Imajinn Books

Kensington Publishing Corporation

Penguin Putnam Books


Agent Information

Agent Query – A great place to find agents. Select your search criteria and a list of agents is generated.

Preditors and Editors – Find out if the agent you want is recommended or not. Do they have any complaints against them? Do they charge a reading fee?

Writer Beware – Agent Info – Tons of information about agents including information about dishonest agents, everything you ever wanted to know about fees and additional cautions.


Script Writing

So you want to write for Hollywood. Here you’ll find links to screenplay writing information.

Screen Writing Info – A great jumping off point to learn the basics. Has a glossary.

Script Frenzy – NaNoWriMo for Script Writers.

Writers Guild of America East – Information on Rates, News in the industry, script registration and agency list.

Writers Guild of America West – Lots of information here including a list of agencies and they offer script registration.

Drew’s Script-O-Rama – Lots of free scripts to use as a learning tool.

Simply Scripts – Free scripts to use as a learning tool.



Writing Groups

General | Genre | Non-Fiction

Where do you find other writers? The internet is a good place to start. Do a search for writing groups in your area. Depending on your needs you may or may not want to meet on a regular basis. For me it’s important to have that contact at least once a month with other writers. Face it, only another writer will truly understand a writer. Family and friends may nod and listen intently when you describe your story but they won’t be able to help you with plot holes, weak characters, pacing or anything else a writer can help you with.

Some writing groups out there are listed below. Some have national and local chapters with the local groups meeting monthly. I will also be listing some yahoogroups you can join. There are a number of loops out there to help writers stay in touch. I also have a forum where you can post messages about all things related to writing.



Authors Guild

Canadian Authors Association

National Writers Union

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